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Family-operated Gold Coast based physiotherapy practice, PhysioFlex has been named the official health partner of the forthcoming Gold Coast Triathlon - Luke Harrop Memorial.

The practice specialises in treating athletes competing in the three continuous and sequential endurance races, and will offer its services free-of-charge to 1800 triathletes (around one-third of whom are expected to be Gold Coast locals) competing in the triathlon being held over the weekend of 6-7 April, 2019.

The annual event is the largest sprint distance triathlon in Australia with competitors ranging from children to elite athletes seeking qualification to compete in the World Championships.

Sentimentally known as the “triathlon for triathletes”, the Gold Coast Triathlon is an iconic Gold Coast triathlon event celebrating the life and times of larger-than-life character, Luke Harrop – a former Gold Coast triathlete who lost his life in a motor vehicle incident while training.

PhysioFlex founder, Ben Mack, a former triathlete and elite middle distance runner himself, knows first-hand the huge incidence of injuries that come with being an athlete, and the importance of physiotherapy support, pre- and post-race.

“Both Ben’s and my husband Victor’s experience as triathletes have inspired our support for the Gold Coast Triathlon,” said PhysioFlex manager, Prudence Gracio.

“Our five physios will be providing complimentary advice and treatment at the event, including mini assessments, massage, trigger point and myofascial release, strapping and compression recovery through a collaboration with NormaTec Pulse Leg Recovery System.

“We want to encourage triathletes to visit us pre and post-race, and moving forward. Our mission is to bring our love of, expertise and personal involvement in triathlons to our valued clients.”

“As physiotherapists, we support everyone from children to the elderly, to people who are involved in sport, and particularly triathlon.

"Physiotherapy plays an integral role in preparing for best performance, and avoiding injury; and of course, when all-too-often injury occurs (particularly where there is inadequate preparation), recovering and rehabbing from injury; ultimately to maximise the life of their involvement in their sport."

Not only will the PhysioFlex team be offering athletes complimentary services, but their involvement in the Gold Coast Triathlon – Luke Harrop Memorial, will open doors for aspiring physiotherapy students.

A large team of student physiotherapists from Bond University will be on hand to assist the PhysioFlex team, and gain practical experience working with the athletes.

“In order for us to have the manpower to attend to all the athletes, we have partnered with Bond University to offer students the opportunity to gain invaluable practical, hands-on experience working alongside PhysioFlex’s team of highly-experienced physiotherapists,” said Ms Gracio.

PhysioFlex is a family affair with brother and sister team, Ben Mack and Prudence Gracio at the helm, mother Jenny in charge of administration, and Prudence’s husband, Victor a triathlete and PhysioFlex ambassador.

“PhysioFlex was born almost 10 years ago, based initially from a spare bedroom. Through immense work, the practice grew from there to its current location in Southport,” said Ms Gracio.

“What sets PhysioFlex apart from other physio practices is the fact that we are a family-based business. We are not a franchise or a large corporate; our clients are treated like family.

- ends -

For more information or interview requests, please contact:

Joanne Rahn
zanthii communications
Phone: 0402 148 334







If there were two triathletes who demonstrate the spirit and values of the sport, it’s the @hedgelandsisters , @kizhedgeland and @jazzyyh … or, in their words, the “triathletes who happen to be sisters.” 

When Kira and Jaz were younger, they had a huge passion for all sports … from gymnastics to cross country and hockey. It was after watching the 2004 Olympics triathlon on TV, that they became inspired to give triathlon a go themselves. ⁣⁣
The Gold Coast based sisters are now each other’s favourite training buddies and biggest supporters. Through injuries and success, Kira and Jaz have showed patience and dedication, as they have kept chasing their triathlon goals; the ultimate being a Gold medal at the Olympics. Referring to Jaz’s favourite quote, “Bite off more than you can chew, and then chew like crazy”, the sisters sure have the right attitude and determination to take the world by storm. ⁣⁣
All the best to the “biggest” of the two, Jaz, who is set to compete in the upcoming Gold Coast OUT Sprint Triathlon Oceania Cup, Elite Women’s event, as part of the Gold Coast Triathlon - Luke Harrop Memorial, on 7 April. Look forward to seeing you at the finish line for some post-race recovery! 


For more triathlete stories, check out our Instagram.







Have you got a “winging” shoulder blade? It may be due to a weak serratus anterior muscle. This muscle helps upwardly rotate the shoulder blade. If it is weak, it can increase the risk of “swimmers shoulder” and “impingement.” It is an issue often seen in swimmers, or those doing sport that uses a lot of overhead movement. It is also a very common problem for those sitting for prolonged periods, who can develop an upper rounded back, with constantly protacted shoulder blades. ⁣

This foam roller exercise is fantastic for strengthening the serratus anterior muscle to help prevent soft tissue damage and injuries.⁣ Just follow these steps:

- Stand in neutral spine position. Activate glutes gently to avoid pushing hips back ⁣
- Gently protract the shoulder blade while keeping shoulders, elbows and wrists aligned (the elbows tend to move outwards, so try to avoid that!) ⁣
- Lengthen up through the crown of the head, avoid poking chin forward ⁣
- Draw shoulders downwards as you move the foam roller upwards ⁣
- As you roll upwards, think of pressing chest away from the wall ⁣
- Roll up as far as you can while maintaining proper form and stability ⁣

Please remember that this is general advice. Please seek specific advice from a physio.





ACTIONS: To stabilise and externally rotate the hip
ORIGIN: Greater trochanter
INSERTS: Sacrum (lower back)⁣

Did you know that 20% of people's sciatic nerve runs through this muscle? Because of that, a tight one of these muscles can cause some pain radiating down the leg.

- Place the outside of your ankle on top of your opposite knee
- Bring this knee to your chest
- Hold for about 20 seconds and repeat on each side, left & right

Happy running! 






Physiotherapists at PhysioFlex can bulk bill 20-30 minute consults with their patients if the client has a GP or doctors referral under the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) medical rehabilitation program. 


How it works:

A client presents to their local general practitioner complaining of 6 months or longer chronic musculoskeletal pain. This can be any part of the body, neck, knee, ankle, back etc. At the doctors discretion, they can then write a referral to any allied health professional for a total of 5 allied health visits per calendar year. These can all be for Physiotherapy, or a mix of allied health professions and for example have 2 podiatry and 3 Physiotherapy sessions or 4 for a dietician and 1 for exercise physiologist. 


The cost:

It costs the client nothing to see the Physiotherapist at PhysioFlex. It is free! The client just requires the referral from the doctor (the EPC letter). Otherwise normal prices apply under the prices tab.



PhysioFlex currently has 3 Physiotherapists. Many times are available every day in the morning and night and bookings can be made the day before but the more time prior to the appointment the better. 


Over the sessions the Physiotherapists will ask a few questions and then help the client to develop a management program for themselves at home but also provide hands on physical treatment to initially help with those irritable symptoms. Once these symptoms have been made more tolerable a plan will be left with the client to help them at home and to manage their condition. 


If you have any further questions or concerns please call the team at PhysioFlex on 55911816. We look forward to meeting you. 


PhysioFlex Sports and Health Centre Gold Coast





Prevention is better than cure yet most of us often wait until we become ill before acting to improve our health. WIth so many new diets and lifestyle fads it can become difficult to know what really is right for you. Here are my top 10 tips toward maintaining a healthy diet:


  1. Minimise nicotine, alcohol and drug use: Toxic substances like these increase the amount of free radicals in the body, create carcinogenic substances in the lungs and overtime becomes extremely taxing on the liver.  The liver metabolises bad substances and assists in excreting them. If the liver becomes sluggish, it becomes difficult to detox and excrete substances. Wthout detoxification through the liver we cannot metabolise toxic substances and our body's become inflamed. 
  1. Consider adding in good quality supplements  (quality is crucial with supplements) such as zinc, curcumin and vitamin C; these are all amazing antioxidants for the body. Antioxidants assist in clearing free radicals in the body that contribute the inflammation. These supplements are also alkaline and can therefore neutralise PH levels.
  1. Build your gut microbiota: The gut microbiome contains a diverse community of bacteria. Studies show that a reduction in gut microbiota contributes to a rapid increase of mucosal inflammation. Mucosal inflammation causes leaky gut: this causes impairment in our gut barrier affecting our absorption of nutrients in the GI tract and causing an increase of toxins leaking out and affecting our organs. Symptoms mainly involve bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, flatulence, fatigue and food sensitivity. Fermented foods products and high strength probiotics can help build this microbiota in the GUT and decrease mucosal inflammation. ** A good probiotic lives in the fridge.
  1. Remove WHEAT & GLUTEN: Norman Borlaug won the nobel peace prize for creating a pesticide to ensure we have mass wheat grain production to feed mouths worldwide. Unfortunately in nature there is such thing as adaptation, this means our farmers need to spray this chemical  up to 5 times more to prevent pests eating crops. Another negative associated with this pesticide is our inability to break it down in the body. In addition,  our stomachs hydrochloric acid cannot break down gluten and having these two products in our body can be extremely acidic. My advise is to remove it completely or if you absolutely cannot, choose a good organic rye. 
  1. Consume an alkaline diet high in fruits, green vegetables to maintain a healthy PH: When our bodies are in an inflammatory state our bodies PH is very acidic. Acidity in the body creates an unwanted environment where illness, bacteria, and yeast thrive, and our immunity suffers.
  2. Hydration: We should be consuming 2-3 litres of water per day depending on how active we are. Don't wait until you are dehydrated until you drink, by this time we are usually already dehdrated! Imagine turning cells that look like sultanas into big juicy grapes. 
  1. Limit Trans fat intake: Trans fats are unsaturated fats that have been heated and their chemical composition changes to mimic that of a saturated fat. Changing the chemical composition in foods can cause them to be extremely unstable and once heated they create carcinogenous molecules in the body. Carcinogens are molecules that contribute to building cancer cells in living tissue. A substance that contributes to such harm in the body evidently increases its inflammatory state. In addition trans fats products such as deep fried foods, cakes and pastries, are foods that increase acidity and decrease gut microbiota.
  1. Increase intake of Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated fatty acids: A diet rich in healthy fats from un refined oils, nuts and seeds, as well as good quality oily fish assist in healthy gut and brain function, and they keep the naughty saturated fat and high sugar cravings away. 
  1. GO organic: In my opinion, if we don?t know what sort of pesticides our plant sources are being sprayed with, or what our animals are being fed, then we shouldn?t be ingesting these products. As seen above, toxic chemicals and wheat products (mostly fed to non organic cattle) contribute to our body?s inflammatory state, so I say choose natural foods from the earth and our bodies will be smiling inside out. If your on a budget, atleast try eat organic with the "dirty dozen." These are the 12 most sprayed fruits and vegetables. 
  2. Live a little: I like to to stay balanced. This means having a glass of wine on the weekend, indulging in the occasional sweet treat and not stressing if I'm not at the gym every single day. Afetr all, I'm all about preaching health for happiness and what's happiness if we feel guilty having the odd slice of cake! 

Consider waking up with a warm glass of water with apple cider vinegar and and Rochway organic probiotic punch to prepare your body for digesting foods... it's tasty i promise!






TUESDAY, 10 MAY 2016


Have you started running, or recently increased the number of kilometres you are running and now have pain on the outside of your ankle? 



It could well be peroneal tendonosis, commonly located just behind the outside bone (lateral malleolus) of the ankle and includes both the peroneal brevis and peroneal longus tendons.  


Gold Coast running injury Physiotherapy

Our Gold Coast Physiotherapist Ben Mack recently presented with the exact same problem and has been able to continue running whilst managing the condition. What does that involve you ask? Well, here are the main aspects the we have used on him to help control and manage the condition:


1. Make sure you have the right footwear and good heel support. Ensure you are not over inverting the foot, requiring excessive contraction of the peroneals (everters) throughout midstance during the running gait. 

2. Trial some taping of the peroneal muscles to deload the tendons and the cross over of each tendon at the back of the ankle. 

3. Icing. This actually works in this instance and is very helpful when just using a piece of ice to micromassage over the affected area for ~20minutes at night. 

4. Eccentric strengthening exercise. This is probably the most important but technique and quality of the movement is crucial! Because the peroneals are plantar flexors and everters the foot needs to start out in a pointed but turned outward to the side postion. Resistance then needs to be applied by way of a resistance band which is pulled against the foot and then slowly allow the foot to bend upward inwards toward the other foot (letting the resistance band win!!). This movement needs to take place over 30-45seconds! Repeat only 3-4 times and of course, PAIN FREE!


The Physiotherapists may also trial dry needling or ultrasound for this condition as both have been found to work very effectively. 

Management of workload is obviously also very helpful and crucial in this instance when still running with the condition.


So, we hope this is helpful to all the runners out there particularly with the Gold Coast Marathon fast approaching! Good luck and happy training. If you have any questions or concerns please give one of our Physiotherapists a call or make a booking on 55911816. 


PhysioFlex Team




Thousands of athletes turned up for last weekends Gold Coast Bulletin Fun Run which covered the half marathon distance, 10km and 5km! Our very own Physiotherapist Ben Mack competed and completed the half marathon in 1.29.28! 

Gold Coast Fun Run

Photo Courtesy of Gold Coast Bulletin

What a beautiful Autumn morning it was for this years leading warm up race to the big one in July The Gold Coast Marathon. 


Leading the 10km was elite runner and our very own Michael Shelley, winning with a time of 29minutes over a relatively hilly course and beating 2nd place by 4 minutes. This is great preparation for the marathon in Rio this August. He awaits selection which will be shortly announced post the London marathon this weekend. 


We are only 10 weeks away from the Gold Coast Marathon this weekend so ensure the mileage is increasing but obviously not too quickly as you might end up with an overuse injury. We wish you all the best in your preparation!


Southport & Gold Coast Podiatry Joins the Physiotherapy Team at PhysioFlex Sports & Health Centre!!

Southport Podiatrist   Aleks Baraksopulo (BH lthSc (Podiatry), BSc, (Biomedical)) joins the team at PhysioFlex Sports and Health Centre!
PhysioFlex Gold Coast Podiatrist

Aleks is a member of the Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, Member of Sports Medicine Australia, Member of the Australian Podiatry Association, and a Clinical Supervisor Podiatry Southern Cross University, Gold Coast.

Aleks Baruksopulo is a Gold Coast Podiatrist who graduated with his Podiatry degree in 2007 and his Biomedical Science Degree in 2001.  His main interest and background is in the prevention, treatment and management of sports and musculoskeletal injuries of the feet and lower limb.  He has gained his experience working within Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine clinics and a Sports shoe store his whole career, working as part of a team to treat athletes and sporting teams of all ages and levels.
His specialties within Podiatry practice include injury management within a sports medicine team environment, management of athlete activities during injury period, treatment and management of injuries of the junior athlete, exercise prescription, foot strength exercises, return to running programs, dry needling, biomechanical assessments, running and walking video gait analysis, sports foot orthotic therapy, foot orthoses for casual shoes, footwear assessments, running & sports shoe referrals, diabetic foot assessments & care and treatment of conditions of the toe nails and skin.
Please contact PhysioFlex Sports and Health Centre in Southport to book an appointment with Aleks on any Monday or Friday afternoon! 55911816.


Running on the Gold Coast

I have lived on the Gold Coast for 30 years and have run over every terrain, over every hill, and across every course within it. Running was a hobby, then a challenge, then a competition, then a goal, then a release, then it was a horror and then it finally became a hobby again.  It takes you away on a journey every time you set out on foot. It is safe to say that running was the main reason I started my Physiotherapy profession.  Whatever reason you may run, we always need a great place to do it. I am often asked by patients what the best places to run are and after much deliberation and thought these are my top 5 places on the Gold Coast:

1. Coombabah Lakeland reserve.

This place is fantastic under foot with soft surfaces and slow winding bends and only one very small hill. It is great for the beginner and has a large loop of ~4-6 km with different add on loops if required. 
I personally love the feeling of being secluded away from any roads or hustle and bustle. The run takes you under a large canopy of trees and surrounds you with your favourite animals including hundreds of kangaroos. It is definitely my favourite.
2. Nerang Conservation Bushland

This course is not for the feint hearted. It is a lot tougher and I would expect each runner to have completed 4-6 weeks training before tackling this one (~60km weeks).
It is however a very close second on my list and takes you over some of the most toughest hills on the Gold Coast but at the same time spoils you with breathtaking views. I can spend 2 hours out here just running at a slow tempo but be prepared for the heart rate to fluctuate. The terrain is uneasy and can be a little unpredictable but it keeps you alert. I would expect each runner to have very supportive footwear and start slowly and build up a healthy duration with one run per week. 
3. Fleays wildlife park
This run includes burleigh heads and  takes you over some moderate hills but a firmer surface. As the name suggests you will run into some fantastic wildlife which hands down makes this an exhilarating experience. The views are second to none.
A faster course due to the firmer surface, I would normally use this location for a faster Fartlek type run or some hill repetitions up the burleigh hill. 
4. Main beach to the Spit
I have lived in main beach for the past 2 years and have started to know this course very well. It has epic views over the ocean plus towards the Broadwater an hinterland. It is also a great course for the beginner as is undulating but an out and back course so can choose your distance. It can be a little treacherous under foot with rocks, solid dirt and then sand but again keeps the runner focused and alert. I would recommend beginners to avoid the sand. 
5. Musgrave Hill Park
With so many possibilities to try and fit into the top 5 this was a tough choice. But having lived on the back of this park for most of my life, it wins hands down. 
It may be an odd choice for some with only a small 2km loop but this trail is exceptional for the kiddies and Fartlek type sessions. 
The track is predominantly grass with a bit of gravel so is very good under foot, preventing overload and use injuries. It also escapes from roads for half of the loop giving a sense of seclusion. A great place but not sure about this eye sore.

Well there you have it! My top 5 locations to run on the Gold Coast. From a physiotherapists point of view. I hope this may be helpful, whatever level of running  you are at. Remember from previous posts to start slow, stretch and have supportive footwear. Running is an escape and brings about euphoric feelings.  Enjoy the journey! 
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me. Keep an eye out for new running groups starting with me over summer! Most of which will start from the clinic at PhysioFlex sports and health centre!
Ben Mack
PhysioFlex Sports and Health Centre
Gold Coast 


Calf Pain and Cramp- Running on the Gold Coast



How to control cramp at night and how to prevent pain when starting a running program.

Running has become a very popular exercise on the beautiful shores of the Gold Coast. But far too often we experience many new beginners to the sport coming to PhysioFlex with calf, and shin pain.
Here are some simple tips for when you start your running program:
1. Always start off with short walk and run periods.
2. Ensure small increments in exercise
3. Keep to a firmer surface and avoid the softer sands.
4. Have very supportive footware. If unsure, visit us at Physioflex on the Gold coast.
5. Stretch before bed. This will also avoid cramping throughout the night.
6. Trigger point release each calf (gastrocnemius and soleus muscles) predominantly after exercise. This can be done with a foam roller or a small trigger point ball available at Physioflex
This should keep each of you in great shape! If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to call us on 55911816!



Physio for Gold Coast Children PhysioFlex Southport




Physiotherapy will often be recommended by doctors to improve and regain strength and movement for children, after they have suffered from a sports injury, disease, illness or even disability. 

Physiotherapists are able to relieve pain after injuries occur and quickly resume children back to their daily activities and also educate kids on how to prevent future injury and propose exercises to improve strength and motion. Education is very important for children to learn how to protect their muscles from reoccurring injuries, especially children who play regular sports.


Physiotherapy for children can improve symptoms such as;

  • Physio Gold CoastSports injuries
  • Heart conditions
  • Head injury
  • Cerebral Palsy and other birth disorders
  • Muscle disease
  • Developmental delays
  • Limb deficiencies
  • Disability
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Cardiorespiratory conditions


It is essential in order for children to progress in their physiotherapy, that they remain positive and motivated, so here at PhysioFlex Sports and Health Centre in Southport we ensure our sessions are always fun and interesting so each child can enjoy their treatment while simultaneously being educated in muscle movement.

PhysioFlex is a Medibank preferred provider but all health cards are accepted and can be claimed after treatment within the practice for your convenience. 






"Frequently Asked Questions" for pain prevention and injury management

PhysioFlex Sports and Health Centre to the rescue!


  1. How can physiotherapy help me?

Physiotherapists are qualified professionals who will thoroughly analyse and assist in individual cases of pain prescription. Physiotherapy will speed the healing process so patients can return to their routines in sports, fitness and everyday activities.  Physiotherapy can also provide the correct treatment for each condition and prescribe, outline and educate the patient in the appropriate maintenance and prevention for the future. Physiotherapy provides one on one treatment sessions to help progress and achieve patients health and fitness goals.  


  1. How long after an injury should I consult my physiotherapist?

This will depend on how severe the injury is or was and how quickly the patient wishes to be back on their feet. Seeing a Physio in the early stages of injury can dramatically help improve your prognosis, reduce swelling and receive appropriate exercises/ management.


  1. How long after an injury should ice be applied?

Ice is most beneficial within the within the first 24 hours, especially if there is noticeable swelling and redness in the area. Ice will aid by constricting the flow of fluid to the injured area thus relieving it of a biochemical irritation.  To do this, just apply an ice compact or crushed ice in a towel for approximately 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off for the first few hours. This can be repeated over several days as required.


  1. When should heat be applied?


After applying ice compacts for the first 24 hours to reduce the inflammation of the injury, heat can then be applied to assist in speeding up the healing process. Heat is most commonly used during rehabilitation of an injury and will ease stiff and tight muscles. To achieve this place a heat pack comfortably on the area of pain up to 5 or 6 times a day for 20- 30 minutes at a time. 

For further information contact our professional staff on 55 91 18 16







Want to know the difference between a Physiotherapist and Chiropractor? PhysioFlex can help

The differences between a Physiotherapist and a Chiropractor?

Physiotherapy and Chiropractic treatments are significantly different. All individuals are different and therefore require varied treatment for each case. Some people prefer to use chiropractic methods where as others prefer Physio, but both have their health benefits.


Physiotherapists are highly focused on joints and muscles and how to better manage these to work together; they are often referred to as ?Movement Experts?. Physiotherapists are advanced in their knowledge on how the human body moves, building and maintaining strength and rehabilitation from injury or pain. Methods include muscle manipulation, massage and acupuncture, hydrotherapy, reformer Pilates and also individualised exercise prescription to relieve and prevent pain. Significantly. Physiotherapists base most of their treatment plans on proven evidence based research. They use a variety of literature reviews and studies to channel their diagnostic and treatment techniques.


Chiropractors are focused on the structure of the body and disorders of the musculoskeletal system and how it interacts to restore itself from injury. They are commonly known for treating complaints such as back pain, neck pain and headaches and mainly focus on realignment of the spine.


So both Physiotherapy and Chiropractic treatments vary quite a lot. Both methods can be used together but we strongly recommend that if both practitioners are being utilised that you communicate this to receive the best possible results when receiving your treatments.

For further information on Physiotherapy treatments and pain prevention please contact Physio Flex Sports and Health Centre on 55 91 18 16 or online at 





Great Package Prices available at PhysioFlex Sports and Health Centre on the Gold Coast

This month PhysioFlex has introduced brand new "Discounted Package Prices" for all Physiotherapy sessions with our experienced Physiotherapists Ben Mack and Loren Caban. 

During the patients initial consultation, the Physiotherapists may recommend in certain cases, a number of treatments for successful rehabilitation and improvement. In this instance, PhysioFlex Sports and Health Centre would like to offer patients the opportunity for great savings on their multiple physio sessions. 

Package Prices are as follows; 
For 3+ Physiotherapy sessions                  $62.00 per session  (normally $67.00)
For 5+ Physiotherapy sessions                  $60.00 per session   
For 8+ Physiotherapy sessions                  $55.00 per session      

This can equal a saving of more than $10.00per session

*Initial Consultation prices will remain the same 

*Treatments will need to be pre purchased altogether at the beginning of treatments and appointments pre booked at time of payment 

*Health Fund Rebates will still apply on all sessions, however will need to be manually claimed by the patient. 

To take advantage of this exclusive offer from PhysioFlex and save on all your Physio needs please contact our reception on 
5591 18 16 


PhysioFlex Sports and Health Centre joins 92.5 Gold FM

PhysioFlex has teamed up with 92.5 Gold FM to promote our Physiotherpy services and specialised treatments. 

Please listen out to Richard, Bridge and Spida on the Breakfast Show on 92.5 Gold FM to hear about our exclusive offers. If you have been struggling with aches, pains or niggles.... don't let your age dissuade you from fixing these problems and living a happy, healthy, pain free life today. 
To celebrate our brand new radio ad we are offering all new patients a FREE INITIAL ASSESSMENT with one of our experienced Physiotherapists and would love to hear your feedback on the ad! 
PhysioFlex Sports and Health Centre would like to thank all of our valued patients for your support to our business.