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11 FEBRUARY, 2017



BULK BILLING at Physio Flex Sports and Health Centre Gold Coast 


Physiotherapists at PhysioFlex can bulk bill 20-30 minute consults with their patients if the client has a GP or doctors referral under the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) medical rehabilitation program. 


How it works:

A client presents to their local general practitioner complaining of 6 months or longer chronic musculoskeletal pain. This can be any part of the body, neck, knee, ankle, back etc. At the doctors discretion, they can then write a referral to any allied health professional for a total of 5 allied health visits per calendar year. These can all be for Physiotherapy, or a mix of allied health professions and for example have 2 podiatry and 3 Physiotherapy sessions or 4 for a dietician and 1 for exercise physiologist. 


The cost:

It costs the client nothing to see the Physiotherapist at PhysioFlex. It is free! The client just requires the referral from the doctor (the EPC letter). Otherwise normal prices apply under the prices tab.



PhysioFlex currently has 3 Physiotherapists. Many times are available every day in the morning and night and bookings can be made the day before but the more time prior to the appointment the better. 


Over the sessions the Physiotherapists will ask a few questions and then help the client to develop a management program for themselves at home but also provide hands on physical treatment to initially help with those irritable symptoms. Once these symptoms have been made more tolerable a plan will be left with the client to help them at home and to manage their condition. 


If you have any further questions or concerns please call the team at PhysioFlex on 55911816. We look forward to meeting you. 


PhysioFlex Sports and Health Centre Gold Coast

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