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Gold Coast Physiotherapy clinic, Physio Flex continues to bulk bill physio sessions at their Pacific Pines medical centre location however has decided to charge a small gap for the 30 minute consults in Southport.  Your doctor can create a referral under the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) or chronic disease management plan, allowing up to 5 allied health consults per calendar year, contributing $58 to a customers consult.

How a bulk billed physio session works?

A client presents to their local general practitioner complaining of 6 months or longer chronic musculoskeletal pain. This can be any part of the body, neck, knee, ankle, back etc. At the doctors discretion, they can then write a referral to any allied health professional for a total of 5 allied health visits per calendar year. These can all be for Physiotherapy, or a mix of allied health professions and for example have 2 podiatry and 3 Physiotherapy sessions or 4 for a dietician and 1 for exercise physiologist. We normally prefer to ask for 5 sessions of Physiotherapy to enhance the management plan and treatment course. More information can be found at the health government website.

The cost?

Medicare contributes $58. At Pacific pines this will be bulk billed however in Southport a small gap payment of $52 will apply to have the Physiotherapy consult. The client just requires the referral from the doctor (the EPC letter). It may already be sent via the medical centre directly to PhysioFlex.

Why a Gap in Southport?

  • The time we spend with each client. We dedicate 30 minutes or more with each client. The funding of $58 just covers 20 minutes of a Physiotherapists time.
  • The quality of our service. The individual time we spend face to face with each client.
  • The reporting with the medical professional equating to at least an additional 10 minutes per consult.
  • Feeling undervalued and not meeting cost requirements of Physiotherapist’s wages, rental and other business operating expenses.
  • We feel there should be a shift Australia wide. If clinics are providing bulk billing services for Physiotherapy, it will be to the detriment of one of the above. For example, only a 15-20 minute appointments and/or no reporting contributed to the referring GP and medical clinical.

Bulk billed physio Availability:

PhysioFlex currently have 5 Physiotherapists and one massage therapist. Same day appointments are available and can be booked online or by calling our reception team. You can check the exact times available here: Appointments

During your session:

The Physiotherapist will perform a comprehensive subjective examination (ask you questions about your concern/pain), perform an objective assessment (physically examine your body from head to toe analysing muscles and joint symmetry), treat and then plan. The treatment involves a plethora of available tools and services including massage, hands on manual therapy, dry needling and exercise prescription and management. The customer aways leaves with an exercise plan and is able to track this via PhysiApp on their phones. More information about the exact process can be found here: Physio Process

If you have any further questions or concerns please call the team at PhysioFlex on 55911816. We look forward to meeting you

Physio Flex – Southport Gold Coast

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