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Clinical Yoga

Clinical Yoga

We are so pleased to announce that our NEW Physiotherapist and Clinical Yoga Instructor Oliver Crossley has now begun classes:

To book, please use our online booking form or call us on (07) 5591 1816. Otherwise, all the important details are below.

Packages & Pricing

Note: We require you to book a One on One session prior to participating in Group Sessions.

One on One

Initial Session
$ 110 1 Hour
  • Private Yoga Room
  • Initial Assessment

One on One

Follow Up Session
$ 99 1 Hour
  • Private Yoga Room
  • Follow Up Review


Group Session
$ 65 Single
  • 1 Hour Session
  • 2-5 People Per Class

5 Pack

Group Sessions
$ 250 $50 Each
  • 1 Hour Session
  • 2-5 People Per Class
Save $75

10 Pack

Group Sessions
$ 450 $45 Each
  • 1 Hour Session
  • 2-5 People Per Class
Save $200

20 Pack

Group Sessions
$ 800 $40 Each
  • 1 Hour Session
  • 2-5 People Per Class
Save $500


Group Sessions
$ 80 Per Week
  • 1 Hour Session
  • 2-5 People Per Class

Group Sessions*

1 Hour Session

2-5 People Per Session

*We require you to book a One on One session prior to participating in Group Sessions.

About Clinical Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice/philosophical system that originates from India aimed at stilling the ‘perturbations’ of the mind so one can think and act more clearly. It traditionally involves a combination of asana (postures), pranayama (breath control/extension), and meditation aimed at cultivating physical and mental clarity and wellbeing. 

From its origins in early civilization on the Indian subcontinent and its long path over the last four thousand years through India, East Asia and now in many studios and homes in the West, Yoga has seen many vast changes and yet maintained a central pragmatic intent of understanding and relieving disease/suffering in the human condition. Consequently, Yoga is perfectly placed as a holistic method of physical therapy that can address all aspects of a person (mental, emotional, physical etc) to best assist them in overcoming injury, stress and optimise performance and overall physical wellbeing. 


Some of the many observed benefits of Yoga in the research evidence include:

What to Expect

Physiotherapists help you get the most out of life. They help you recover from injury, reduce pain and stiffness, increase strength, mobility and prevent further injury. They listen to your needs to tailor a treatment specific to your condition. Yoga based Physiotherapy is not much different to regular Physio, in that its individualised, focused on reducing/resolving unwanted symptoms and improving overall functionality and quality of life.

What can you expect from a Clinical Yoga Therapy session?

Group Classes

We also offer small group Yoga sessions of 5 people maximum per group, where each person is guided through their independent sequence under the guidance of our Clinical Yoga Physiotherapist Oliver. These classes aim to provide the opportunity for ongoing guidance and instruction following initial or follow up one-on-one Yoga sessions.


Each session is one hour in length and private health rebateable. Please contact our reception for bookings.

Session Times

Wednesdays  -   10:00 AM & 1:00 PM
Fridays  -   10:00 AM & 1:00 PM