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If there were two triathletes who demonstrate the spirit and values of the sport, it’s the @hedgelandsisters, @kizhedgeland and @jazzyyh… or, in their words, the “triathletes who happen to be sisters.” When Kira

NAKED PHYSIO // WINGING SHOULDER BLADE Have you got a “winging” shoulder blade? It may be due to a weak serratus anterior muscle. This muscle helps upwardly rotate the shoulder blade. If it is weak,


ACTIONS: To stabilise and externally rotate the hip ORIGIN: Greater trochanter INSERTS: Sacrum (lower back)⁣ ⁣ Did you know that 20% of people’s sciatic nerve runs through this muscle? Because


Have you started running, or recently increased the number of kilometres you are running and now have pain on the outside of your ankle? It could well be peroneal tendonosis,

Physio for Gold Coast Children PhysioFlex Southport

Physiotherapy will often be recommended by doctors to improve and regain strength and movement for children, after they have suffered from a sports injury, disease, illness or even disability.  Physiotherapists

Running on the Gold Coast

I have lived on the Gold Coast for 30 years and have run over every terrain, over every hill, and across every course within it. Running was a hobby, then

Controlling Calf Pain and Cramp

Running has become a very popular exercise on the beautiful shores of the Gold Coast. But far too often we experience many new beginners to the sport coming to PhysioFlex with