Massage on the Gold Coast has been renowned for a tourist or holiday luxury. However, we have found the treatment imperative to overall body maintenance and management. Gold Coast based Riko Taylor offers remedial massage, deep tissue massage, fascia releases, pre and post natal massage, muscle energy techniques, sports massage and reflexology. The massage therapist based within the Physiotherapy clinic in Southport on the Gold Coast, brings a brilliant culture of qualified professionals offering a multimodal team based approach to each clients management. So we present to you AND we welcome our Southport Gold Coast based clinic the super experienced…

Riko Taylor:

Gold Coast Massage therapist

Originally from Japan, Riko moved to London at 20 years of age to study and work as a hair and make-up but over the course of 13 years in the industry, she found that many of her clients would also ask for massages. She found a passion for connecting with people through the healing process.

Riko has been a remedial therapist for over 15-years, receiving her qualification in 2007 from Q Academy. Riko had owned and operated her remedial massage clinic on the Gold Coast for 12 years.


  1. Remedial treatments
  2.  Sports
  3. Relaxation
  4. Pregnancy
  5. Reflexology
  6. Myofascial Release
  7. Trigger Point therapy
  8. PNF (Proprioceptor Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretching technique
  9. MET (Muscle Energy Technique)

Specialised in:

  1. Neck and shoulder pain
  2. Chronic pain (fibromyalgia, whiplash, lower back)
  3. Pre & post operation
  4. Headache/Migraine
  5. Chest pain (shortness of breath)
  6. Pregnancy pain

Riko’s massage style is unique that many clients have asked where she has learnt the techniques from. Riko loves discovering new techniques for each clients needs to feel satisfaction each session they receive and working with highly qualified professional team to provide the greatest outcome for clients.

Massage Benefits:

Massage therapy can be highly beneficial for everyone. It can help relieve stress, muscle tension, soft tissue injuries, and much more. Overall, it benefits your body as it assists by reducing stress hormones, while encouraging the production of endorphins.

PhysioFlex offers remedial therapy, which assess possible injury or dysfunction, while providing treatment and rehabilitation to restore your body to its best shape. Our massage therapist, Riko Taylor, also offers a variety of other specialisations, and will tailor each session to your needs.