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Flex Hub - Pilates & Yoga Studio

These two practises are revolutionising the way physiotherapists treat and rehabilitate injuries


Pilates & Yoga


Orthopedics is another way of descibing any break, fracture, degeneration or abnormality within the musculoskeletal system. It may result in surgery or casting to heal the bone, ligament or soft tissue.


Surgeries may include:


Foot and Ankle Knee Hip Spine (Neck and Back) Shoulder Elbow and Hand
Debridement of muscle or bone fracture Arthroscopy  Removal of support Implants Laminectomy



Carpal Tunnel Release
Repair of ankle fracture (bimalleolar)  Meniscectomy Repair of femoral neck fracture Lumbar (Lower back) Spinal Fusion Debridement of muscle or bone fracture  Repair fracture of radius bone/ulna
Widening of syndesmosis repair  Chondroplasty Repair of trochanteric fracture Intervertebral Disc surgery. Nerve root decompression. Arthroscopy, distal clavicle (collar bone) excision Incise finger tendon sheath 
Repair of ankle fracture (Fibula) - outside of ankle Removal of Support Implants Debridement of muscle or bone fracture   Repair of Rotator Cuff tendon  
  ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) Reconstruction Total Hip Replacement      
  Total Knee Replacement Repair of femoral shaft fracture      
  Debridement of muscle or bone fracture        


Note: There are many types of surgery but we have taken some of the most common that present to us here at PhysioFlex Sports and Health Centre Gold Coast. 


We provide various modes of rehabilitation and follow strict surgeon outlines and protocols following the surgeries.

Day 1 - Day 5 post surgery each patient should be provided with instructions from their surgeon and Physiotherapist from with in the hospital. For some surgeries you may still be in the hospital Day 3 or 4 post surgery but most Physiotherapists and Surgeons like to get the patient out of bed Day 1 or Day 2 post surgery. 


We would recommend seeing you at ~day 7 or day 8 post surgery. 


What will we do?


Well at this early stage it is very important to be doing everything right. We can check your wound, apply ice to the region, provide continuous passive movement to the area, massage, gentle active muscle exercsie prescription and where applicable occasionally we will use our compex machine to stimulate the muscle when there is severe muscle disuse atrophy. We do however encourage the own active use of your muscles and use the compex as stimlulant of your own cognitive and muscle pathways.