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How We Create a Relaxing Environment

It’s important to take time out of your busy schedule to relax and recuperate with these techniques. Many of us find it difficult to put our schedules and more importantly, our minds on hold. At Physioflex, we believe in taking time for both your mind and body.  And we have incorporated these techniques into our clinic to create an unbelieavably tranquil and calm ambience as soon as you enter our doors. 

Aromatherapy for relaxation

Aromatherapy is common practice used in our clinic through essential oil diffusers. Essential oils such as lavender, rose or geranium to activate your smell receptors. This will activate certain areas of your brain which result in the feel good factor and produces serotonin. Smelling the scents of these oils can provide a calming effect on your body. We use the brilliant doTERRA oils in the clinic.

Calming Music

Listening to calming music, like slow classical melody can help to reduce the heart rate and lower blood pressure which in turn, reduces stress. In addition to this, music can act as a distraction by preventing the mind from wondering back to unhelpful or stressful thoughts. We like to stimulate the auditory system with our own handpicked gentle acoustic classics. 



We aim to stimulate all of the senses. Having something tasty in your mouth can always calm you and make you feel relaxed. We offer tea, coffee and water as well some delicious treats. Being hungry can always increase your arousal and anxiety levels so we are always conscious of this during the session. 


And finally if we have different textures to feel, touch and rub our hands over we feel a sense of comfort. It can be smooth or rough surface on cushions or beds, even the floor. We offer the comfiest of pillows and bed toppers so that our clients feel extremely comfortable. 

Yoga for relaxation

A practice that many of our staff partake in is yoga as it not only allows the body to stretch, but there’s also an element of mindfulness which assists in further relaxing the body. It helps to relieve everyday stress by helping you reach peace for both the mind and body and it also improves your fitness at the same time.  

There are many more relaxation practices and techniques, but hopefully these options give you an ideas of what it is like to step into physioflex and can help you start on your relaxation journey.

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