Telehealth Physio

Telehealth Physio

Physioflex understands the current environment and pandemic relating to COVID-19 and the restrictions this places on almost all of our clients. We have decided to extend our services and are launching a brand new platform Australia wide:

Telehealth Services

This allows everybody to stay in self-isolation, to quarantine or to socially distance themselves appropriately.

The video telehealth calls are open to everybody and include all types of funding (as would apply to normal in clinic consults) to help you financially cover the cost of your treatment and health.

These services are particularly beneficial for the elderly, immunocompromised, the vulnerable in our population and all those that are currently under self isolation and quarantine.

Some of our important points to remember are:

  • We have highly qualified Physiotherapists that will be taking your consultation online.
  • Diagnosis has been been shown in the research to be equally as effective over a video telehealth call as in person within the clinic.
  • We use Physitrack to allow you to watch videos of exercises in real time with the Physio so that they can explain the exercise. You are then also able to ask any questions.
  • Encrypted and certified to ensure your privacy.
  • National wide coverage.
  • And we will help you to connect with the technology through Physiapp! Its nice and easy!

The Process

  1. Call and make a booking with one of our qualified Physiotherapists
  2. Link sent via text or email (Physitrack)
  3. Click
  4. Telehealth Video call will start on your device (Phone or computer/laptop/ipad.
  5. A thorough assessment will then be carried out. You may be asked to stand up and complete certain movements and also illustrate your area of concern.
  6. A diagnosis provided.
  7. Self-management provided including:
    • a video based exercise program on your device (Physiapp).
    • Tracking of your progress through the app. The Physio is also available for messaging and feedback.
    • Immediate advice including hot or cold, anti-flammatories, exercise products or tips on positions to assume or activities to modify.
    • Referral on to other health or medical professionals as required.
  8. A follow up appointment provided.


  1. Initial Consult  (~40minutes)  =  $75
  2. Follow Up Consult  (~30minutes)  =  $60
  3. Extended Consults** (~60minutes)  = $110 **Recommended for NDIS + complex cases or more than one area
A receipt will be emailed to you on payment and completion of the treatment. 
Effective as of today Monday 30th March 2020, Due to COVID-19 all of the following funds will be available:
Private health insurance companies,
  • DVA (Department of Veteran Affairs) (Bulk billed)
  • Medicare (bulk billed),
  • Work Cover (Bulk Billed),
  • Insurance claims (Bulk Billed), 
  • NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme, and
  • Private paying clients.

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