Someone who loves their job is often a better performer in the workplace. Here at PhysioFlex, we highly value all of our staff and we’d like to share some of their greatest qualities.

A good physio is compassionate and caring towards their patients, always taking that extra step to connect. 

Of course, a physio must have strong clinical skills and is always willing to learn. It is also important for a physiotherapist to be self-reflective in order to improve their already amazing skills.

A physio must act as a motivator for their patients, encouraging them to always try their best, to complete their at-home exercises and to let their patients know that they are going to be okay. 

They must be creative and flexible when deciding which treatment plan to follow, allowing for criticism and suggestions, in order to best help the patient.

We believe our staff has all of the above qualities and many more which enable them to perform their job at an exceptionally high standard.

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