Are you Seeing A Good Physio?

When you are about to go and see the Physio for the first time or you have been for a while, you always wonder to yourself, “Is my Physio good!? Are they doing everything they can to fix me, or should I be going somewhere else!?”. Well here are a few points to consider after your session. Ask yourself, is my sports physio doing most of this or close to it. If they are hitting 80% of these then you are in safe hands. So let us dive in.

The Main Factor

The biggest factor in being a good physio, is excellent communication (16%). If you feel like your physio has been able to communicate to you what they will complete in their assessment, what their diagnosis is or leading assumptions are, how they will complete the treatment and why and finally what they plan to do in the future and why, then you have the start of a really good physio. 

Other Attributes- Empathy/Care/Presence

Between 11-15 % is a sports Physio that not only connects with you but demonstrates empathy, care, understanding and feels present in the room with you and not distracted. If you feel like you have a new friend, feel heard and like someone really understands you, then your physio is hitting the mark. 

Of course, a physio must have strong clinical skills and is always willing to learn. It is also important for a physiotherapist to be self-reflective in order to improve their already amazing skills.Knowledge and evidenced based comes in at 9%. 

A Motivator

A physio must act as a motivator for their patients (8%), encouraging them to always try their best, to complete their at-home exercises and to let their patients know that they are going to be okay. They must be creative and flexible (5%) when deciding which treatment plan to follow, allowing for criticism and suggestions, in order to best help the patient. Surprisingly experience comes in at 1% and it makes sense. Sometimes of all pf these other factors are being reached, experience can matter very little. 

In summary, someone who loves their job is often a better performer in the workplace and will demonstrate all of the attributes above. So be on the lookout in that first appointment. Make your assessment, and decide is this the professional for me. 

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