Please note: All online bookings are for the Southport location only.

Your First Visit

At PhysioFlex all our physiotherapists conduct their consultations in a professional manner. We endeavour to make you comfortable at all times.

We will conduct an initial assessment which will include questions and a physical examination. We may also require you to bring in any investigations including X-Rays, MRI or CT scans.

We will then give you a clear and concise explanation of your injury followed by a thorough treatment program. This will include a multi-modal approach including but not limited to manual therapy, massage, neurodynamic glides and stretches, dry needling or acupuncture, electrotherapy (TENS, ultra-sound, compex) and different taping techniques.

On conclusion each patient will leave with a rehabilitation program to complement their treatment. This will include a range of techniques such as stretches and strengthening exercises tailored to the individual.

At times you may need to be referred to a specialist or surgeon in the surrounding area. PhysioFlex is well connected with these professionals keeping you in good hands.

Patients who are new to PhysioFlex Sports and Health Centre are required to fill out our Patient Information form.

Click on the link below, print the form and fill out to bring to your first appointment or alternatively the Reception Team will provide you with one upon arrival at your first consultation.