Group Exercise Classes

group exercise class

Group Exercise Classes

What are Group Exercises?

Group exercises are great way to complete an hour of exercise with a social group. Evidence demonstrates that completing exercise in a group helps to improve mental well-being. It will also increase levels of endorphins and keep you on a natural high for a longer period of time. The exercises are individually designed for each client so that the class naturally challenges each client but does not feel too difficult. 

Group Class Structure and Content

Exercises with Physio Mike

Pricing and Packaging


First Class Free
$ 49 Per Class
  • 1 Hour Classes
  • Casual Pass
  • Schedule in advance

10 Class

First Class Free
$ 400 For 10 Classes
  • 1 Hour Classes
  • Greater Fexibility
  • Class Time Flexibility
Save $90

Weekly Membership

First Class Free
$ 79 Per Week
  • 1 Hour Classes
  • Attend When you like
  • Class Time Flexibility
Save Up to $642
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Benefits of Group Classes

When you complete exercise on your own you become demotivated. You start off excited and ready to take on the world. But eventually your persistence and commitment to the cause waiver. Group classes hold you accountable. You meet people. You make friends. You have coffee afterward. You form lifelong friendships. And together you continue to exercise, lose weight, gain muscle, improve your balance and gain peak performance for your body.  

Role of Physiotherapists

Physiotherapists lead the classes, focusing on ensuring correct posture and technique, personalised attention, and injury prevention. We will make sure that we make each exercise for you, and perfect the movement so that it suits your joints and bodies composition. If its too difficult we will slightly modify things and adapt to the situation. 

Here is our Physio James showing one of our favourite exercise class clients Michael, who is 87 years old, how to perfect his shoulder and arm action when bowling on weekends. We do not limit the exercises each class to just one type of movement. We will always adapt to each persons individual needs and make it as fun and practical as possible. 


Thats why so many are joining and attending our group classes. Because they are fun, realistic and absolutely perfect for gaining muscle, balance and range of movement at a steady rate. 

Health Insurance Claims

Really important to note and we are frequently asked is that your private health insurance extras can be used for these group exercise classes led by Physiotherapists. We use item code 560 and provide on the spot claims with Hicaps. If you are paying up front for memberships or packages, we can provide you with a receipt and you can use this receipt to claim online with your heath fund. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You should be as comfortable as possible and wear something light. We have more detail on what to wear here in our blog... "What to wear to my Physio Appointment?" 

Well its even easier to stay motivated with group classes and attending class with people you can make friends with. They hold you accountable! Read more here.. "Physio Exercise"

We provide you with a reciept and then you use this reciept to send to your private health fund and claim online. They will reimburse you as soon as possible. 

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