Functional Capacity Evaluations

functional capacity evaluation

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Workplace Health and Safety: Empowering Through In-Depth Functional Capacity Evaluations

In today’s corporate landscape, workplace health and safety go beyond legal requirements; they underscore a strategic investment in a productive, thriving workforce. At PhysioFlex, we’re committed to aiding you in fostering a workplace that thrives on employee well-being. Our revolutionary approach involves comprehensive functional capacity evaluations & functional capacity assessments that surpass conventional methods. By doing so, we empower you to minimise risks, boost employee contentment, and propel your organisation towards sustainable growth.

Worker Health and Safety: A Collaborative Endeavor

The well-being of your workforce is a shared responsibility, uniting employers and employees in a common pursuit. By embracing functional capacity assessments, you showcase your dedication to nurturing a workforce that’s both productive and secure. These assessments provide insights into each individual’s physical abilities, enabling you to tailor job roles and tasks to their strengths and limitations, curbing injuries, and cultivating a culture of safety. Ultimately lowering injuries, work related incidents and lowering insurance premiums within the work place. 

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Understanding Fitforwork: Holistic Workforce Empowerment

“Fitforwork” goes beyond mere terminology; it signifies a holistic approach to cultivating a workforce that not only functions but flourishes. Our functional capacity assessments, gauge an individual’s capability to perform daily job-related tasks. This assessment empowers employers to align job roles and tasks with employees’ physical aptitudes, lessening injury possibilities and heightening overall workplace effectiveness. More information about per – employment screenings and assessments can be found on the governments website here.

Pre-Employment Screenings

The journey towards a secure work environment starts with pre-employment screenings. These assessments form the bedrock of building a workforce that’s both capable and safe. By evaluating potential hires’ physical capabilities prior to joining your organisation, you proactively establish a resilient work culture. Our pre-employment functional assessments meticulously evaluate candidates’ functional capacities, ensuring they can meet their anticipated positions’ demands without jeopardizing their safety or well-being.

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What do our Functional Capacity Assessments Include?

At PhysioFlex, we embrace a holistic perspective on occupational health and pre-employment evaluations. Our functional capacity assessments offer a comprehensive view of an individual’s physical capabilities, transcending the superficial. These assessments delve into intricate details, allowing us to identify potential vulnerabilities and offer actionable insights to fortify worker safety. By harnessing advanced methodologies and technologies, we empower employers to make informed decisions that contribute to their workforce’s overall well-being. Some inclusions into our pre – employment screening and evaluation are:

  • Cardiovascular step test
  • Lifting capacities – power and endurance. Pushing & pulling. 
  • Fine motor skills and dexterity
  • Balance
  • Sit and reach tests
  • Range of movement of each joint 
  • Muscle strength tests 
  • Grip strength tests and endurance 
  • Lunge and squat assessment 
  • Biomechanical gait and body assessment including reaching, sitting, standing, walking, kneeling and crawling. 
  • Repetitive task assessment
  • Blood pressure assessment 
  • Work place task assessments 
  • Plus w ewill delve into medical history and source out any pre existing surgeries or complications that may make it difficult for the team member to perform certain tasks. 
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Our pre-employment functional assessments act as a dependable guide in the hiring process. These assessments scrutinise candidates’ abilities in relation to their prospective roles’ specific demands, equipping employers to make judicious selections. This proactive approach not only mitigates the risk of workplace injuries but also nurtures a workplace culture rooted in health and productivity.

Experience the PhysioFlex Edge

At PhysioFlex, our commitment transcends standard physiotherapy services; we’re dedicated to transforming workplaces into havens of safety and prosperity. Our functional capacity assessments and pre-employment functional assessments are tailor-made to suit your organisation’s unique needs. Partner with us, and you’re investing in a workforce that’s resilient and empowered to reach its full potential.

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