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Stay Motivated With Physiotherapy Exercises!

It can be really tricky to stay compliant and complete all of the Physiotherapy exercises that your Physio prescribes you. Many excuses start to appear. I can’t find a place to do my physiotherapy exercises. Work is too busy. The kids need to get ready for school. We hear every excuse and the list is endless. So we wanted to help with some quick tips on how to stay compliant. 

Set Goals

It’s important to set goals for yourself, both small and large, to reach throughout the day. This might be in the form of completing the exercises twice per week or 3 times per week.  And you should set the same time each day. For example 7am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Or 5:30pm every Tuesday and Friday. Or another example of a goal would be to complete half of the exercises in the morning immediately after you wake up, and the other half as soon as you get home from work each day. 

Our Physio, Ben Mack, highly recommends waking up early before the Gold Coast sunrise. “It’s an absolute life changer”, he says. “It gives you a whole new perspective on life. The Gold Coast has so many amazing beaches. Exercising in the morning with the sunrise, will not only motivate you, it will have you looking forward to doing your physiotherapy exercises on the Gold Coast beaches and parks the next day!”.

Your Physiotherapist

Keep in contact with your Physiotherapist as they can offer you encouragement and advice. This might be in the way of email, text or the app that they create the program of Physiotherapy exercises on (See Below). 

Make sure that you fully understand the physiotherapy exercises. Go through each one thoroughly. The Physio should first introduce the exercise with demonstration. Repeat. Write it down for you. And finally you should complete the exercises in front of your physio. They can then correct you, provide positive reinforcement and ask you to repeat. This will develop muscle memory so that you know how to complete the exercises correctly and with the best technique. 

You can see Our physio Mike Clair doing just that in the image here.

physiotherapy exercises

Physiotherapy Exercises on an App

Your exercises should be written down. Or even better, the program has been created with an App and you can track/follow the exercises on your phone. Here at Physio Flex we offer an app called Physi App  which the physio will use to create your program. This will have videos of the exercises to help you remember. It will set the number of reps and sets and days to complete the exercises. You can even reach out and message your physio via the app. 


We also offer great packages and services that include one on one exercises with the Physios James O’Rourke, Mike Clair and Ben Mack. Sometimes it is just that little extra push that you need. To ensure you are doing the exercises correctly and doing the full amount of reps and sets you need.The Physio is their motivating you to complete the exercises. 

Another great option offered by the Gold Coast City Council is the “Active and Healthy” Program. It offers some of the best Physiotherapy exercises on the Gold Coast. A calendar is provided which outlines a number of different group fitness, yoga, and pilates classes. A “heart foundation walking” program is also available to help keep you motivated to complete your exercise on the Gold Coast.

Extra Ideas

Reward yourself. Savour the good feelings that reaching your goal gives you. Reward yourself with a meal at your favourite restaurant or buying something you’ve been wanting for a long time. The endorphin and serotonin release you have when you accomplish your goals and finish your Physiotherapy exercises should be rewarded. 

It is also a good idea to set alarms or reminders, and maybe tell a friend or family member about your intentions. This will lift that level of accountability. 

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